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Our Clubs

We offer a wide range of extracurriculars activities every day after school and on Wednesdays.


After school (M,T,Th,F)

Concordia children can stay with us to play, to discover, to work and to have fun everyday until 18:00.


On Wednesdays

We offer half-day and full-day programmes.

Our workshops in English are open to children from 4 to 14 years old, both to students enrolled at Concordia School Paris and to children from other schools.



Wed 8h30 to 15h30 /12h30 to 15h30 (from PS to CM2) -  Grande Armée Campus 

One day/afternoon per week, our children will be immersed in an English-speaking environment led by native English-speaking teachers. We offer English instruction through numerous activities, including arts and crafts, cooking and gardening. We want our children to be fully engaged during our programme, which means exploring, creating, moving and having fun…while learning English.  


Full Day : €2550 per year - Half Day: €1590 per year



Wednesday, 11h30 to 15h (from GS to CM2) 

One afternoon per week, our children will be immersed in an English-speaking environment and be  offered English instruction through arts and crafts, history of art and, of course, reading and writing for older children. We want our children to be totally engaged, which means exploring, creating, moving and having fun…while learning English!

Fees : €1590 per year

photo homework.jpg


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 16h30 to 18h (from CP to CM2)

Our Homework Club enables the children to get their home work done at school and  take the stress out of doing it at home! We offer a place for your child to work in a supportive environment after school hours. 

Fees: €1680 per year



Monday, 16h20 to 17h30 (from GS to CM2) 

This activity introduces children to the basics of cooking and helps them discover different cultures via their cuisine. The children can bring home the food that they cook. The key principles of nutrition will also be addressed to encourage a healthy and balanced diet.

Fees : €780 per year



Monday ,16h20 to 17h20 (from CP to CM2)

This fun and lively class incorporates the modern-jazz technique, focusing on body placement, isolations, pas de bourrées, turns, kicks, and jumps. The children will also work on choreography and developing musicality.

Fees : €1190



16h15-17h15 : Tues (GS-CP) - LEGO

16h20-17h20 : Thur (CE1-CE2) - Stem

16h20-17h20 : Tues (CM1-CM2)- Coding

Concordia School Paris is pleased to offer fun-filled workshops to familiarise children with coding through our partnership with Les Ingénieux. Children who participated last year will advance a level. Your child will learn algorithmic logic, binary code and the fundamental functions, loops and variables. They will program robots, learn binary code by manipulating pixel boards, make music with a cardboard battery and microprocessor, construct a city of the future with autonomous robots... and more!  


Fees : €900 per year



Wednesday, 11h30 to 12h30 (from CP to CM2) 

Children learn to sing and perform songs in English from musicals and films of all different styles. The class begins with vocal warm-ups to learn the basics of vocal technique, and then the children will learn a varied
repertoire of songs, using gestures and movement to express the emotions of what they are singing. The children can also prepare for an optional LAMDA qualification in Musical Theatre.

Fees : €1290 per year



Tuesday, 16h20 to 17h20 (from CE1 to CE2) 

Tuesday, 17h20 to 18h30 (from CM1 to 5ème) 

Given the success of last year's Acting Class, culminating in a LAMDA Verse and Prose exam, Harriet and her team will be continuing this year with theatre games, improvisations and acting skills. Additionally, children will prepare for a LAMDA Acting and/or Verse and Prose exam, to be given in November and/or June. These will be solo exams, comprising of one or two monologues or one or two poems/prose followed by questions asked by the examiner on technique and knowledge of their chosen pieces. 

Fees : €1290 per year



Wednesday, 11h30 to 14h (from CP to CE2) 

In partnership with ALCNY, the Rock U Band Club is a performance-based rock band program offered exclusively for Concordia School. This unique experience provides students with the opportunity to play in a real band setup, offering an immersive and engaging musical journey.


Students are encouraged to bring their favorite instruments, whether it’s guitar, piano, drums, or another. For those still exploring, we’ll introduce various instruments until they find the one that speaks to them. Designed for both beginners and experienced players, this dynamic program focuses on skill improvement through hands-on band experience

Fees : €1390 per year



Wednesday, 14h to 16h (from CP to CM2) 

Thursday, 16h35 to 18h (from 6ème to 5ème) 

The Reporters Press Club is structured over three trimesters to immerse kids in the dynamic world of journalism across various media platforms—radio, newspapers, magazines, and TV—with an added focus on creative writing skills. This trimester-based approach enhances engagement and develops comprehensive journalistic abilities.
First Trimester: Exploring Media Platforms and Creative Expression: Students develop an understanding of each media platform, enriched by their ability to express ideas creatively and vividly.
Second Trimester: Developing Reporting, Multimedia Skills, and Storytelling: Gathering News and Story Crafting: Conducting mock interviews, performing simple research tasks and Multimedia Integration. Learning to complement stories with photographs, audio, and video, thus weaving rich multimedia narratives.
Third Trimester: Project Implementation, Creative Writing, and Presentation: Students select their preferred media for a comprehensive project, applying both their journalistic and creative writing skills.
Throughout the program, students not only learn the mechanics of different media but also how to infuse creativity into their journalistic endeavors. They build strong foundations in both factual reporting and creative expression, preparing them to tell compelling stories that resonate across various platforms. This structured approach ensures that by the end of the program, students are confident in their ability to craft engaging, well-rounded media projects that showcase their unique voices and perspectives.

Fees : €1390 per year / €1290 per year



Wednesday, 12h45 to 15h (from 6ème to 5ème) 

Explore the art of filmmaking in our after-school program, designed for young visionaries eager to dive into the cinematic world. From the initial spark of an idea to the final touches of production, students will conceive, write, produce, and direct their own creations.
Students will learn to use professional software, develop skills in various filmmaking roles such as acting, cinematography, and special effects makeup, and create their own stop-animated movies, short films, and advertising . This child-driven program empowers students to build unique costumes and props, film both indoors and locally outdoors, and fully express their creative media visions.

Fees : €1390 per year



Wednesday, 15h to 17h (from 6ème to 5ème) 

The Digital Manga Art Club is structured around an academic year divided into three trimesters, each designed to progressively enhance students' abilities in digital manga art:
Trimester 1: Foundations of Manga. Introduction to the basics of character design and storytelling. This phase also includes initial training in using digital illustration tools, setting a solid foundation in manga art.
Trimester 2: Developing Digital Skills. Students expand their skills with advanced character design and more complex storytelling techniques. Emphasis is placed on deepening proficiency with various digital tools and software to enhance their artistic expressions.

Trimester 3: Creation and Collaboration. Focuses on applying all learned skills in a personal manga project. Students work towards creating a comprehensive piece, which is then critiqued by peers and showcased in a club exhibition, demonstrating their growth and creativity throughout the year.
This structured curriculum not only boosts technical skills in digital art but also fosters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, preparing students for further artistic pursuits in manga and beyond.

Fees : €1390 per year

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